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There are many Master of Public Health (MPH) degree programs where all of the necessary courses are offered entirely online. Online courses mean students can complete all of the requirements to earn the degree without having to visit the campus for any reason.

MPH degrees earned entirely online are considered to be the same as those earned on campus with the same content, rigor, and outcomes. All online MPH degree programs carry the full weight of the colleges and universities awarding them, as well as the backing of their accrediting agencies. Also, there is no designation made on either the transcript or on the diploma that the degree has been earned online.

What are the benefits of online MPH programs?

MPH degree programs that are offered entirely online make sense for many. They are ideal for those who are unable to quit their jobs to pursue a graduate degree full-time at a college or university. For many working adults, the idea of quitting their jobs and relocating to study full-time on campus is essentially impossible. This is especially true for those who are currently in the workforce and have a family to take care of, a mortgage to pay, and other responsibilities they simply can’t abandon.

With online MPH degree programs, where a person lives no longer matters. Not only that, but students who pursue their degrees entirely online do not have to put their lives on hold. Students can work on their assignments in the evenings, on weekends, and even during breaks at work.

What to expect from Online MPH Programs

Students pursuing an online MPH degree can expect to submit an assignment of some kind each week for each enrolled course. Typical assignments include answering several questions with short answers or completing a research paper. Additionally, students can also expect to interact with other students via online postings in the course discussion forum. Each week a course’s instructor will post one or two questions, and each student is expected to respond to the post. These posts can be graded, so students will want to make a significant contribution to the discussion.

Are online MPH programs accredited?

When considering any online MPH degree program, look into the school’s accreditation before enrolling. In the United States, the gold standard of collegiate accreditation is known as regional accreditation.

There are six regional accrediting agencies and schools only needs to be accredited by one of them to be fully accredited. Also, many online MPH degree programs have an additional type of accreditation known as program accreditation. The primary agency that accredits MPH degree programs in the United States is the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

Thanks to MPH degree programs that are offered entirely online, students can now earn the coveted credentials they need to take their career to the next level without having to put their life on hold. Moreover, with so many schools now offering these programs, students are sure to find one that meets their needs.

Schools with Online MPH Programs
A.T. Still University Online MPH
Benedictine University Online MPH
Concordia University of Nebraska Online MPH
Creighton University Online MPH
Des Moines University Online MPH
East Tennessee State University Online MPH
Emory University Online MPH
Florida A&M University Online MPH
George Washington University Online MPH
Idaho State University Online MPH
Johns Hopkins University Online MPH
Liberty University Online MPH
Loma Linda University Online MPH
Loyola University Online MPH
Medical College of Wisconsin Online MPH
New Mexico State University Online MPH
New York Medical College Online MPH
Northern Illinois University Online MPH
Nova Southeastern University Online MPH
OHSU-PSU School of Public Health Online MPH
Rivier University Online MPH Programs
San Jose State University Online MPH
Simmons College Online MPH Program
Tulane University Online MPH
University at Albany-SUNY Online MPH
University of Alabama Online MPH
University of Alaska Online MPH
University of California Berkeley Online MPH
University of Florida Online MPH
University of Illinois Online MPH
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Online MPH
University of Minnesota Online MPH
University of Montana Online MPH
University of Nebraska Medical Center Online MPH
University of New England Online MPH
University of North Carolina Online MPH
University of North Texas Online MPH
University of South Carolina Online MPH
University of South Florida Online MPH
University of Southern California Online MPH
University of West Florida Online MPH
West Virginia University Online MPH

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