Online MPH in Behavioral Health and Social Science

The online Master of Public Health (MPH) in Behavioral Health and Social Science is a graduate degree program designed for those who want to pursue public health careers in areas that address the social, behavioral, and environmental factors that negatively influence health.

The degree focuses primarily on identifying public health issues, intervention planning, and the implementation of new public policies to improve the overall health of those who live in a specific community.

In recent years, there has been an increased recognition in the role that behavioral health, social, and environmental issues play in public health. With the understanding that there are many health issues in society that are totally preventable, efforts have been made to dramatically increase communication on these issues to improve the general health of the population.

An example of this is the dramatic reduction in tobacco use in recent years. Upon the discovery that tobacco use was a major cause of cancer, public health professionals worked hard to get the message out about quitting all tobacco products in an unprecedented public awareness campaign. It worked. Although there are still many who use tobacco products, the numbers are greatly reduced, increasing the total health of our broader communities.

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Pursuing an Online MPH in Behavioral Health and Social Science

There are now a variety of MPH in Behavioral and Social Science degree programs that are offered entirely online from some great schools. These programs are ideal for those who work full-time and are unable to quit their jobs, and/or relocate near a campus to pursue a graduate degree full-time on campus. With an online degree program, students can access their courses and work on assignments during times that are convenient for students, such as of the evenings and weekends, and even during breaks at work.

Admissions requirements for most online MPH in Behavioral and Social Science degree programs require the completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in any subject with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, students will also have to submit GRE scores with their application, and letters of recommendation. Students may also be required to submit a statement of purpose (why you want to earn the degree) and possibly a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

Online MPH in Behavioral and Social Science degree programs require the completion of an average of 45 credit hours to graduate. Also, some programs may require the completion of a certain number of hours of field experience. Most schools will allow students to complete this field experience through a local public health organization.

Students pursuing an online MPH in Behavioral Health and Social Science degree program will take core courses that are common to all MPH programs. In addition, they will also take courses that are specific to the behavioral and social science focus such as Social and Behavioral Research Methods, Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation, Health Disparities, Assessment and Surveillance in Public Health, and others.

Potential MPH in Behavioral and Social Science Career Path

There are many different career paths that MPH in Behavioral and Social Science graduates can pursue. One such career is that of a health educator. Health educators work to educate the public about various behavioral and social issues that impact their health and ways to either avoid or eliminate those variables.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, health educators earn an average annual salary of $41,830. The job outlook is positive and is growing at a rate of 21 percent per year.


Behavioral Health and Social Science Programs

School Name Program Type Program Options
Johns Hopkins University Hybrid Full-Time, Part-Time
New York Medical College Online
Rivier University Online Full-Time, Part-Time
University of Florida Online, Hybrid Full-Time, Part-Time
University of South Florida Online, Hybrid Full-Time, Part-Time
West Virginia University Online Full-Time, Part-Time
Loma Linda University Online Full-Time, Part-Time
University of Alabama Online Full-Time, Part-Time

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