Online Masters in Public Health Minority Health and Health Disparities

Although Americans possess one of the highest quality healthcare systems in the world, there are many in the country who do not have access to quality care. Approximately 36 percent of the United States’ population belongs to a racial or ethnic minority group, some with higher instances of specific health issues than others. The online MPH Minority Health and Health Disparities is a graduate degree program that was designed for those who are interested in pursuing careers addressing the health care needs of minorities and working to assist those who are socioeconomically undeserved (health disparities).

The need for professionals working in this field is very strong, and the work is personally rewarding as graduates will help many to gain access to health care that they otherwise would not have been able to receive.

The option to earn a graduate degree online is ideal for many who work full-time and would otherwise not have the ability to continue their education. Online degree programs are as rigorous as on-campus programs, the only thing that’s different is the method of course delivery. These flexible degree programs let students access the courses and work on assignments during times that are convenient for them, instead of on a rigid schedule.

Pursuing an Online MPH in Minority Health and Health Disparities

The online MPH in Minority Health and Health Disparities requires an average of 45 credit hours to graduate. All required coursework can be completed entirely online. To gain acceptance into an online MPH program, students must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in any field of study.

To apply for entry into an online MPH program students will also have to submit an application with GRE scores and letters of recommendation. Depending on the program, students may also be required to submit a statement of purpose and a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

The MPH in Minority Health and Health Disparities degree program requires the completion of core courses that are typical of all MPH programs. In addition, they will have courses that are specific to minority health and health disparities such as Methods in Racial and Ethnic Disparities, Economic and Social Determinants of Health, Disparities in America, and other similar courses.

Potential MPH in Minority Health and Health Disparities Career Path

The online MPH in Minority Health and Health Disparities prepares graduates for many different careers in the field of public health. However, it was primarily designed to prepare specialists to improve the health of minorities and those who are socioeconomically under-served in a particular community.

One potential career path for graduates of this degree program is that of a Public Health Nurse. To become a Public Health Nurse students must have an undergraduate degree in Nursing and be a licensed registered nurse in the desired state of employment. According to, public health nurses earn an average annual salary of $50,569, with a pay range of $40,138 to $75,687.


Minority Health and Health Disparities Programs

School Name Program Type Program Options
OHSU-PSU School of Public Health Online
Loma Linda University Online MPH Online Full-Time, Part-Time

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